The next evolution of dock application!

TaskBar Pro is a lightweight, easy to use application launcher. With a simple drag and drop interface you can easily create shortcuts to applications, websites and documents.

We invite to see the whole list of amazing things that we made especially for you in TaskBarPro. We hope that you enjoy this features.

  • Operates on all operation systems
    It's just nice that everyone can use our program! Our textbar operates on all systems – from the oldest systems to the newest
  • My favorite web sites
    With one simple click you can add your favorite web sites to the toolbar and access them anytime and anywhere with ease and simplicity
  • Add documents
    Do you have an important Word, Excel of PDF document that you need constantly in front of you? Drag it to your toolbar so you can access it fast whenever you like
  • The awesome tooltip
    Don’t remember the name of a program? Or a website? Simply put your arrow on the icon and the name will appear
  • Quick web search
    Sick and tired of opening your browser in order to do a search on the web? Form now on you can search with ease and efficiency
  • Totally free
    While everyone else is charging money, we are offering the best – for free! Our program can be downloaded free of charge
  • All purpose volume
    Do you like listening to music? Wish to turn it so as not to disturb the neighbor? Simply drag the volume adjuster.
  • My folders
    Do you have a folder for songs? Or documents? You can drag them to the toolbar and access them easily
  • My shortcuts
    Need to use Word? Or perhaps the calculator? From now on you can find your shortcuts in one location
  • Unlimited icons
    If you have many programs and shortcuts, this is not a problem, simply drag them to your toolbar
  • Sick and tired of searching?
    Do your eyes hurt from exertion? In our toolbar every icon is big and clear
  • My programs
    Sick and tired of searching for a program on your desk top or your finder? Drag them to your tool bar for easy access
  • Maps and and all common icons
    Do you wish to access Facebook? Or Youtube? Or Google maps? These sites can always be on your toolbar
  • Turn off the speaker
    Got a telephone call? Someone entered the room and you wish to turn the music off fast? Simply click on the speaker icon
  • Always in front of you
    Instead of always having to close or minimize your screen to look for something, with the toolbar you won't have to worry about it because the toolbar is always in front of you
  • Easy, quick and efficient
    Our program is fast and simple and can operate on every computer and does require many system resources
  • Time saving
    How many times were you in a rush and needed something from the computer? With our toolbar you can find what you need within seconds.
  • Safety first
    Our program has been approved by all the largest anti-virus companies worldwide as safe to use
  • A large and noticeable clock
    It doesn't matter if you are near you're computer or far from it, you will not be able to miss the clock
  • Change the order of icons
    If you wish to change the order of the icons on the toolbar, simply drag the icon where you wish it to be
  • Easily customized
    If you wish to have the toolbar on the bottom, or on top, or on the side? No problem. Or program is unlimited. Simply drag the toolbar where you wish it to be.